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Welcome To 28 Day Fitness Challenge

Look, Feel & Perform 10 Years Younger !

Meet Your Coach:

Dan Remon, B.HMSc (Ex. Phys, Psych) Cert. NLP Master

Practitioner, Life Coach, Nutrition & Master Trainer.

A message from the Author,Your Results Coach, Trainer & Weight Loss Expert.

I will be your coach for the next 28 Days to guide and empower you to incredible results and transform your mind and your lifestyle. Having worked with thousands of clients all over the world I understand your challenges. Believe me, I have been there too. First, you must have complete clarity on what you want. Your desired outcome, and the reason WHY you want it. 

The challenges of daily life, work, kids, family means your own health has not been your priority.

I’m here to help you know that health is a priority, and your desire to achieve improved health, energy and confidence is possible and it is easy to achieve when you have the right system. The right plan, and the right actions to achieve those goals. Even as a coach for the last 21 years, I have had to cycles of being in peak shape, and not in such great shape. So during these years, I have been to identify the exact success strategy that guarantees the right outcome.

And this 28 Day Challenge is your first step to achieving outstanding results.

By following the strategic science-based plan, you will achieve the results you want. Now it is your turn.

Help Me, to Help You,
So We Can Help Others

I have been in the health industry for more than 20 years. To be a successful leader and coach, to establish a ‘career’ in this industry is based on one thing  Achieving incredible results. No magic potions, no gimmicks and short cuts. Also, for me most importantly, is achieving results with Integrity. Wanting to contribute to the improvement of others, to see others achieve goals, be successful, to give hope, guidance, motivation to live a happier, healthy, energized and successful life. So they can continue to share their passion and positively influence others again, and again. It’s the power of sharing and contribution.

My ultimate objective is to impact 1 million lives. Through health, education, contribution and giving back to those less fortunate all over the world. When you invest in yourself, you are investing in a much higher level of achievement. You are also giving back and contributing to those who have less, much less and need more from us who are more fortunate.

For that, I thank you, and will do everything I can to make the world a better place, and help those in need to get the support and assistance they truly need to have a healthy, meaningful life.


Look, Feel & Perform 10 Years Younger !

Here’s A Preview Of What You’ll Discover Inside...

1. Quick Start Guide

An overview of the entire program and highlights of the most important components of the program. Jump straight into the essentials that you need to be mindful of, and concentrate on most for the best results. You will learn how to connect to your circle of accountability, nutrition essentials, travel guide and what you need to do first!

2. Mindset Manifesto

This is what you don’t find in other programs. Developing an unbeatable mindset is crucial to success in the 28 Day program which will transfer to all areas of your life. It covers the power of words, how to overcome your limiting beliefs, the 5 step process to writing killer aspirational affirmations and to build strong daily rituals that change behaviors and make you unstoppable. The entire program is worth it for this module alone.

3. Goal Setting Guide

Knowing what you are specifically working towards is a must. This is a unique goal setting system which includes components unique to the 28 Day Program. Be specific, know what actions you need to take, know the additional resources required to achieve each goal and most importantly identify your WHY! This Goal Setting Guide takes you step by step through the process to ensure you achieve your goals.

4. Measurement Guide

What gets measured, gets improved! Tracking your results is so important to know you are on the right path to success. Measuring your baselines, your starting point, through as many different elements as possible, will be the constant motivating force for you in the weeks, months and years to come. This simple guide teaches you how to measure key components to a well-rounded result based program.

5. Success Manual

This is the largest module of the program and covers EVERYTHING YOU NEED for short and long term success, including:

– Personal agreements
– Detailed nutrition system
– The Power of Protein
– The Truth about Sugar
– Why you need to eat fat
– 19 Success Hacks
– Portions, food swaps, fat burning ‘lean’ foods list

6.Training Manual

Detailing 3 main energy systems and intensities for optimal results. I have included a special Training Cheat Sheet which links all exercises to videos so it’s super easy to follow. All exercises can be done without equipment, and ways to make exercises easier or more challenging with equipment if you have access to it. Summarized into clearly laid out, daily sessions.

7. Recipe Manual

If you are a foodie, you are going to love these recipes. One skill you need to develop is your ability to feed yourself. We have every traditional meal time covered – Breakfast, salads, soups, smoothies, shakes, dinners, desserts, side dishes, snacks and even awesome dressing recipes. All delicious, easy to prepare.

8. Lifestyle & Nutrition Journal

Detailed for 28 days to cover all your training, nutrition and energy records. Keeping daily records increases your compliance and results by 75%, so print this out and keep it with you wherever you go.

9. Success Tracking Checklist

This is your accountability toolkit. Linked directly to your action steps and daily tasks. They are broken into weekly and daily checklists so you can stay on track from day 1, through to 28. This module also includes systems for preparing your week ahead, and follow up on your new mindset

When You Make The Wise Decision To Grab This Today, You’ll Also Get These Fast Action Bonuses…

1. 13 Weight Loss Myths

2. Eating Out Guide

3. 20+5 Body Weight Workouts

4. 49 Smoothie & Shake Recipes

How the 28 Day Fitness Challenge Works

Just 3 Simple Steps to Go

# STEP 1:

Measure Your Start Point

Knowing your starting point is essential to your success. All you need is 10 minutes to establish your baseline. Progress throughout the 28 Day Fitness Challenge will be measured through all types of simple performance measurements, circumferences, photos and fitness tests. We take you through step by step to help build the most precise training and nutrition plan for you to the absolute best results you can possibly achieve.

# STEP 2:

Simple Nutrition Guidelines

Our nutrition plan is super simple to follow and customizable with over 50 meal recipes, outlines, meal plans for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack suggestions so that you don’t have to stress what to eat. You will get access to all types of meal plans and recipes including vegetarian, mediterranean and paleo option. You also get our strategic science-based top strategies that get to you to your goals faster, with more energy.

# STEP 3:

Ready To Go Workouts

Your total body conditioning and fat burning workouts are based on science, to build your strong lean physique, strength, and fire up your metabolism to burn more fat, fast. Programs include options with equipment and body weight only so you don’t need a gym, and easy to do anywhere, anytime, while you travel, or at home. I’m sharing with you best of what I have learned over the 20 years in the industry all over the world

Real People, Real Results


Working Mom

I wasn't happy with my body and tried everything to get results I so desperately wanted. I worked with trainers, I tried several different diet plans, all of which were so restrictive and i could not stick to it. I am absolutely shocked with the results I achieved in such a short amount of time. Not just physical results, but with the 28 Day program, I no longer have cravings for sugar and desserts, even my children's birthday cake! And now I continue with online guidance and coaching after my initial 28 days.

Johnny Ward

Travel Blogger

I lead a hectic life, on a mission to travel to every country in the world. Just 3 to go! Along with running a successful online media business, my health was suffering. So I took up the 28 Day Challenge and the results promised were delivered. Easy tweaks to my nutrition, the right science based training and I shed 5% body fat, maintained my muscle and literally got shredded in just a few weeks.


Working Mom

Before I entered the program, I tried to lose weight myself, but I failed. Thus, I decided to do the 28 Day program. The program is diversely arranged every two weeks to make it more exciting in order to get the ultimate result. Also, now I've lost about 4kgs in the first 28 days. I'm falling in love with the feeling of confidence and success.



I had seen the results from other people on social media but didn't believe it was true. So my girlfriend convinced me to do it and I was blown away at the results. I joined the first 28 Day Challenge and lost 5% body far, a couple of kilos and really leaned out. When I followed the program again, I shed 7% and achieved my six pack. I never thought it was possible.

Here's What You Get


$ 297 Lifetime Downloads
  • 28 Day Success Manual
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Lifestyle & Nutrition Journal
  • Training Manual
  • Nutrition Manual
  • 50+ Healthy Recipes
  • Measurement Guide
  • Digital Download Only


$ 597 Lifetime Downloads
  • 28 Day Success Manual
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Lifestyle & Nutrition Journal
  • Training Manual
  • Nutrition Manual
  • 50+ Healthy Recipes
  • Lifestyle Habit Tips
  • Success Cheat Sheets
  • Measurement Guide
  • Coaching & Accountability
  • Mindset Manifesto
  • Lifetime Access to Private Support Group


$ 897 Lifetime Downloads
  • 28 Day Success Manual
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Lifestyle & Nutrition Journal
  • Metabolic Training Manual
  • EASI Nutrition Manual
  • 50+ Healthy Recipes
  • Lifestyle Habit System
  • Success Cheat Sheets
  • Measurement Guide
  • Group & Private Coaching & Accountability
  • Mindset Manifesto
  • Free Updates
  • Free Access to Inner Circle
  • Lifetime Access to Private Support Group
  • 3 x Platinum Private Coaching Calls worth $2,250 USD